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The Israel Trip

Join the adventure - May 28th-June 6th 2021

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The Experience

We can help make your dream a reality!
Join our newest trip to Israel! Beyond having an amazing holiday, our aim is to give participants an intensive and extensive experience of Israel!

Full of Fun

Swim in the Dead sea, be baptised in the river Jordan, walk and sleep (in a kibbutz) in the midddle of the desert (almost) like the Israelites, boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, see sunrise over Dead Sea, and much more!

A multicultural experience

Our trips have had group members from Canada, USA, GB, Holland, Poland, Italy and Kazakhstan. Teaching is led in both English & Polish.

Strengthen Your Relationships

Most of all, these trips are an opportunity for you to get closer to God, to strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

Biblical Emphasis

A strong emphasis on Biblical places and events combined with excellent Bible guidance around the sites from qualified Seminary lecturers deepens your understanding of the Bible and helps it "come alive".

Non Denominational

The trips are open to people of all persuasions and backgrounds.

All Inclusive

The price includes: comfortable accommodation, food & drink), transport around the country in a luxury coach, pick-up and set-down at Tel-Aviv airport, entry to a multitude of attractions, travel insurance.

An Amazing Schedule*

It may seem intense, it actually probably will be the most intense trip you will have ever been on
but trust us and hundreds of others who have been with us before - its worth it!

Day 1

Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, Arrival at the hotel, Relax on the beach, Supper, Meeting, Night in Telaviv

Day 2

Joppa, Beit Shemesh, Lakhish, Emek ha Elah, Bet Guvrin Maresha National Park, Hebron, Beersheba, Night in Beersheba

Day 3

Ein Avdat, Maktesh Ramon, Ein Gedi, Swim in the Dead Sea, Night in Masada

Day 4

Qumran, Jericho, St George’s Monastery – Wadi Qelt, Ariel Tabernacle, Night in Ariel

Day 5

Cesarea Maritima, Carmel, Megiddo, Jezreel Valley, Ein Harod, Basilica, Night in Nazareth

Day 6

Cesarea Philippi, Dan, Chasor, Nazareth Village, Meeting before baptism, Night in Nazareth

Day 7

Mt Arbel, Boat trip, Capernaum, Chorazin, Mt of Beatitudes, Baptism - Yardenit, Bet Shean, Night walk in Jerusalem

Day 8

Bethlehem, Bethany, EITHER Israeli Museum (approx. 50 shekel) OR Biblical Tour of the City of David with Hezekiah's tunnel (approx 62 shekel) OR time wandering round Jerusalem/shopping/free time, Night in Jerusalem

Day 9

Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Via Dolorosa, Holy Sepulchre, EITHER Wailing wall tunnel (35 shekel) OR wandering round Jerusalem/shopping/free time, Garden Tomb, Night in Jerusalem

Day 10

Morning in Jerusalem, Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport

*This program is subject to possible minor changes

A few Photos

Just to give you a tasts of what you can experience...


Malcolm Clegg

Serving in Poland & Eurasia for the last 25 years. An experienced interdenominational Bible Seminary lecturer, loving father and also the brains and organizer behind the trips to Israel. And he's not really as stiff as he looks on this picture...

Izabela Buckowska

Happily married, 3 daughters. One of the brightest Old Testament teachers in Poland. The main teacher during the trip.

Steven Clegg

Son of Malcolm Clegg. Also strongly involved in organizing the trips.


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Trip Details


May 28th-June 6th 2021
  • 10 Amazing Days
  • Perfect Weather

How much?

Price will include:
  • comfortable hotels and hostels, food/drink: breakfast snack lunch and large dinner, transport around the country in a luxury coach, pick-up and set-down at Tel-Aviv airport, entry to lots of attractions,travel insurance and lots of unforgettable lifetime experiences! Optional extras to make the experience even better.
  • Does not include:
  • Flight to and from Israel, optional: entrance fee to Israel Museum, Hezekiah's Tunnel & Western Wall Tunnel

How to sign up?

Next steps
  • 1. Contact us and let us know
  • 2. Pay the £400, $500 or 1000 zł deposit
  • 3. Book it in your calendar
  • 4. We will coordinate buying optimal airline ticket with you
  • 5. Pack and make your way to the airport
  • 6. Pay the remaining amount as requested

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If you have any questions or would like to join us please contact us directly.

Telephone: +48 501 283 829